Consultancy Sector

All businesses have different needs and every project is different, either in requirements or risk. That's why ASDC provides tailor made specific solutions when it comes to consultancy. Our effort goes into understanding the full picture and offering solutions that are proportionate to the business.

Our consultancy combines experienced professionals from a range of specialised security backgrounds with subject matter experts to help provide insights and guidance for all levels of the consultancy process.

We want to fully understand your business and your security requirements before we provide you with any sort of proposal. So in order to give our clients the best possible solution first time, every time, we first take the time to arrange a face to face meeting with an experienced security consultant.

We believe that great business relationships are built on trust. ASDC will make sure that we are not only providing you with the very best solution but putting your mind at ease in the knowledge that you are working with a security consultant you can trust.

By visiting your business, premises and personnel, ASDC can perform a Corporate Risk Assessment to identify all of your security issues.

Support Program

ASDC's Support division is tailored to each client's requirements Worldwide.

The support we offer is as simple as telephone support for some clients, but ranges to being able to remotely connect to the client's products. ASDC's support team can support by burning evidence to re-training staff remotely.

The Support system we put in place reduces the need for engineers to attend site, giving instant support. This also gives us the ability to diagnose problems so if an engineer is required on site, they attend fully aware and prepared.

All our remote support is through a secure encrypted connection, giving our clients peace of mind that their site is fully secure.

Risk Consultancy

ASDC International's expert security professionals can advise clients in order to fully understand and treat their security risks in the best way possible. This may be in support of a project, period of change, expansion, or to address a specific security need.

Using an industry-leading risk methodology, our consultancy approach is delivered by an experienced and diverse consulting team, supported by our analysts, investigators, instructors and others as needed. For more prolonged projects, ASDC International embeds our consultants in client businesses to occupy management, analysis or internal consultancy posts.

As well as programmed consultancy, our security risk consultants provide specialist advice to senior managers faced with highly complex and sensitive issues.

Security risk consultants work with all types of ASDC clients, from governments, NGOs and multinationals, both large and small businesses and private ViP individuals.

Strategic security consulting identifies and examines threats and risks to clients and ensures their mitigation strategy is appropriately focused and resourced. We work with senior managers, security directors, CEOs, and others to ensure that security resources are aligned to meet core business aims. This often starts with a strategic security risk assessment before developing the executive security directive. ASDC can assist with the production of corporate policies and standards or security schemes and delivery plans for the enterprise.

ASDC operational security consultancy works on the frontline of security delivery at the site or security team level. It will often involve personnel, operational and technical security elements. It balances different security measures – human, process, physical, and technical – to ensure that security meets business needs. By reviewing a security team or physical asset, ASDC can ensure there are no gaps in security delivery. Our consultants also test existing security measures using a blend of intrusion testing, social engineering, competency reviews, and technical security sweeps to ensure that security is effective and applied appropriately.

Installation Services

At ASDC, we take pride in carrying out the installation of our own security solutions, as it is important to us to be present through every stage of the process to ensure that each individual part of the solution is carried out to the highest standard. We carry out the installation for all of our clients, which includes airports, education premises, religious buildings, VIP residences and more. Our expertise incudes the design, installation and maintenance of a wide and varied range of systems and solutions, including jammers, perimeter protection, access control and biometrics, for example.

Our installation team includes high skilled engineers who are fully trained and competent in using the equipment and solutions they are installing, ensuring that all of the technology installed is tested by the engineers to guarantee it is working correctly and to its full potential. The engineers will work quickly and efficiently, in a manner that is as respectful as possible to the environment they are working in.

We believe that as a result of installing the security solution ourselves, this also benefits our support team as they can gain extra technical site info from the engineers who installed it, meaning that should a problem arise, the support team are better equipped to reconcile the issue.

Design Sector

It is very important that before a system can be supplied and installed, that it is designed properly. We find many systems which are not fit for purpose and do not fulfil the client’s unique requirements. Some common problems that we find are: not getting the correct camera angles for optimal coverage, not supplying continuation of cover, to not giving the required amount of archive. We also find customers used three or four different screens, not so things were easier to view, but because they had three or four different recorders and they were not viewable on the same screens, which is obviously less effective.

As much as budget and management requirements are taken into consideration when designing a solution, we also speak to the operators themselves and see how they use their existing systems and aim to provide a layout that would help them. As our solutions are so bespoke, it is easy for us to give each individual client their own requirements without costing them a fortune.

Integration Services

There are two main types of integration when you think about security. Integrating all the different aspects of security into the control room, i.e fire, access control and CCTV camera images into one virtual matrix, which acts as a simple to use management system. For some of our clients a comprehensive management system and viewing method is a requirement, as their buildings are large, or exist on multiple sites, which means it is hard for operators to keep track of where activity is taking place and also where cameras and people are.

The other type of integration which is more commonly used is the integration between old and new. Instead of taking out the old system and starting again, we evaluate the old system and see if there are any parts of it that we can reuse. By cabling new routes to the existing cameras, back to our ASDC VMS, a much greater camera image quality will be achieved.