Please find a collection of our bespoke brochures which are tailor made for each sector of security that we cater to. Be it VIP protection, which includes full HD CCTV systems and access control, to Electronic counter measures and drone jammers - your VIP needs are covered. As well as VIP protection we also work in areas such as retail, religious environments, Airports and private yachts, to name but a few.

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Airport Brochure

- At ASDC we are very proud of our work within the airport sector, which sees us featuring in all UK airports and many other airports worldwide.

Retail Environments

- The retail environment is another sector that is close to our hearts at ASDC, with our longest client of 25 years being Harrods, protecting the retail environment is second nature to us. The importance of protecting both stock and employees is paramount.


- Our ANPR software and technology is one of a kind and not only captures the vehicle license plate, but will capture the whole car, and any additional information on the vehicle such as a telephone number or address, giving the user much more information than a standard ANPR system.

Arts & Artefacts

- Protecting the Arts and Artefacts requires a subtle touch, to ensure that some of the world's most culturally significant items, such as the Magna Carta, remain protected whilst also ensuring that the security measures put in place remain in keeping with the aesthetics of the museum or gallery the artefcats inhabit.

Private Clubs and Casinos

- The Private Club and casino environment is host to a luxurious setting full of entertainment, making it essential that both clients, members and also staff are protected against any unwelcome activity or theft.


- The education environment is probably one of the most important that we cover, given the responsibility for ensuring the safety of the young people that inhabit the school premises and ensuring that their education experience is a happy and safe one.

Facial Recognition

- Facial Recognition is an exciting area of technology which is ever growing and improving. The application of facial recognition in security services is expanding quickly and has real promise in areas such as access control.

Drone Jammers

- With the recent increase and advancement in drone technology, more and more they are being used for malicious activities, thus we are finding an increase in the demand for measures to protect against them.

Religious Environments

- Just like the Arts and Artefacts, protecting religious environments requires a refined touch. It is important to respect the holy atmosphere whilst simultaneously ensuring that all aspects of the environment are fully protected for safe worship for its patrons.

VIP Protection

- VIP Protection is a wide ranging area, which includes any aspect that is associated with the VIP. This could be anything from protecting their place of residence, super yacht, vehicle or even protecting them in person. At ASDC we thrive on esnuring that the VIP feels as protected and safe as possible, knowing that their security needs are in our capable hands.

Yacht Security

- Yacht protection presents new problems with ensuring that technology reamins working at all times, no matter where the yacht is; beit it anchored in the harbour or out at sea - the security needs to keep up with travelling demands of it's occupants.